Saturday, September 5, 2015



Boom Beach is the combat strategy game where you:

1. Play with or against millions of other user around the globe.

2. Create a massive army of troops to destroy and control other resource bases.

3. Train Troops and conquer both single-player and multi-player beaches in order to win trophies and resources.

4. Discover the mysterious power of the life Crystals found throughout the game from the enslaved islanders.

5. Follow the steps listed below to receive free boom beach diamonds

Following these easy steps for your Free Boom Beach Diamonds.

1. Sign up HERE, this is where I use their play gift codes ( Sent via email ) to buy my Boom Beach Diamonds.

2. You will have to sign up and confirm your email, doing so gives you points/cash toward your first gift code.

3. Complete your first few offers/surveys and request your gift code via email. Each Code can be stored over time or used right away for Free Boom Beach Diamonds.

4. It normally takes me 2 days to earn a $10 Play code for my diamonds.

Play Gift Codes are as followed

*$10 Play Code will get: A Pile of Diamonds (500) or Pouch of Diamonds (1200)
*$20 Play Code will get: A Bag of Diamonds (2500) * My personal favorite
*$50 Play Code will get: A Box of Diamonds (6500)
*$100 Play Code will get: A Crate of Diamonds (14000)

Proof Picture

Just a few gift codes I've received for my free boom beach diamonds.